Is it real?

Real or Fake

If you have read some of my past posts,
I have been receiving emails from individuals with titles such as Recruiter or HR Director from agencies I have never heard from. Most of the time I will do a search on the company and/or contact’s email address before replying.

Today I received an email from Douglas Rowles, a Technical Recruiter with Iron Consulting & Staffing. While the email contained a signature with his contact information and a logo attachment, I still chose to search this company.

While the website appears to be legitimate, Iron Consulting & Staffing – Job Seekers I chose to dig a little deeper. One of the things companies can’t hide is, located at the bottom of every website, the identifier of the platform used to create and/or administer the site. The website for Iron Consulting & Staffing is “proudly created with“, a FREE website builder.

I ask you, why would a professional consulting/staffing firm be using a free website builder? In addition to that, why would a company like this have “info@” as a contact email?


This one is a gem!

Here is an offer I received today:

JobPositionAlert .0653338,:24

yoyo la <>


Profitable job place of Tour Master in enjoyable work sphere is open now. We hire people to take this place with main pay rate of $4,200 per month.

We also encourage our team with various bonuses and free vacations.

On this post your minimum duties will be connected to our users service and support: help and guide various client’s tasks, work with information, provide the best customer service to existing and our potential customers.

Totally you must have for this place:
– superior communication skills and know the PC;
– 21 years or older;
– no criminal history

For more information about this job place, please write to: .

Best regards.


Let’s see….where has this one gone wrong? Game on!


Salary Negotiation

I am currently on the market for a new job. I have been working with Robert Half/Accountemps for some time and I receive their newsletters that always contain a take-away. This article is no exception:

What Are Employers Thinking During a Salary Negotiation? Here’s the Inside Scoop

I have always been the person to accept the initial offer for several reasons:

1. When I was interviewed, my salary range and the range of the position was discussed and, even if it was assumed, agreed was reasonable and acceptable.

2. If I am given an offer that is at the lower-end of the range, I have the opinion that they aren’t 100% convinced I am worth the higher amount and this is my opportunity to prove myself and negotiate a raise in a short amount of time. (This has worked in my favor a few times and against me once)

3. Showing the hiring manager any hesitation means I have wasted their time and that I am not truly interested, or that I have a better offer waiting and I am playing a game with them.

Ironically, every point made seems to have the opposite opinion. Because of this, I am wondering if the article is more appropriate for executives and not administrative or department support, unless it is a director-level position. I would be greatly appreciative for any comments and/or opinions on this.

Are you desperate enough?

How many of you out there are desperate enough for money? Desperate enough to apply for this position?


We are currently seeking for male and female to test the McDonalds Meals. Due to worldwide demand for our product we we look forward into introducing new meal and also give quality customer care service to our customers.

So therefore, we need male and female 18+ yrs old testers to put this new products to good test in order to prove it quality of this products before heading out for the international market.
Your job is to basically put some certain product to test. survey the McDonalds customer care and give your recommendation about it.
Kindly get back to me for more information if you are interested in participating as one of the testers for this program.

McDonald’s is the world’s leading global food service retailer with more than 35,000 locations serving approximately 70 million customers in more than 100 countries each day. More than 80% of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local business men and women. . McDonald’s & our franchisees employ 1.9 million people worldwide.
We serve the world some of its favorite foods – World Famous Fries, Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets and Egg McMuffin.

On Behalf of Company
Alexander Robertson
Project Manager
Evaluation Team Crew

If you are interested, feel free to contact the Evaluation Team Crew at

Personally, I would rather stick with the clinical trials where you choose to be a guinea pig for drugs that may make parts of your body fall off.

Helping vs. taking on a new responsibility

There are those of us who are hired as a “second to” or a back-up to another person in the same role because the manager/company/employee has admitted they are overwhelmed or, possibly, experiencing life changes that are affecting their work. Often, the first few weeks of this may involve a lot of down-time because the senior person is too busy to train you or it’s at a time where they aren’t that busy and there isn’t any extra work.

This is the best time to take the initiative and see if you can provide your assistance to other departments (if it is allowed) or to seek out things that should/can be addressed but it’s lacking the needed attention. (Cleaning the supply closet is usually the first place to start).

Once you have gotten the proper permission to avail yourself to others, go around the office and offer your help where you see a need (usually there is ALWAYS someone who needs filing done, especially if you are near year-end or the start of a new fiscal year). Keep a record for yourself of the tasks you do when you provide your assistance. This will give you the information you need when you are ready for a review and/or to include in your resume to reflect your willingness to “get the job done” and “add value to the success of the company”.

Keep mindful of your assistance. The downside to offering your help is, sometimes, that task becomes yours. The individual or department you have loaned your time to now expects you to continue “helping”, even if it’s on a periodic basis. Make sure you set, and remind yourself of, boundaries. If your supervisor is pleased with your efforts, have a discussion about adding the work to your job description on a permanent basis in order to be certain you are adequately compensated for your added responsibilities. Stay aware of your own workload before saying “yes” to adding to your plate.

Don’t let others take advantage of you, even your boss. Don’t be afraid to say “no” or “I’d prefer not to be responsible for this because….”. One of the worst things you can do is take on too much, ultimately sabotaging your own position, if you can no longer handle the additional responsibilities you have agreed to and/or you have conflicts by working in more than one department.

Your boss doesn’t own you. You deserve the same respect as everyone else when you are there to give your best; not to be taken advantage of, and seen as a valuable addition to the organization.

Does my resume even matter?

It seems that, no matter how you format your resume or what the content, job seekers cannot seem to avoid the “Are you still seeking a new and rewarding career?” (translates to “Would you like to sell insurance to people who can’t afford it? Work 16-18 hour days for 6 months at NO PAY, give us $85-$150 you probably don’t have because you are unemployed to learn our product which you won’t recover for at least those 6 months, OH….AND the potential of your leads vanishing from the database is a known occurrence…”) or the “WORK FROM HOME!! I EARN $6,000 A WEEK! TRUST ME! THIS IS IT!” scams that are running rampant in our emails or, worse, bothered on our phones.

I have yet to find a way to block the calls or successfully “unsubscribe” from the emails and, frankly, it’s discouraging to skilled, employable and VALUABLE candidates.

While it’s hard to ignore, and challenging to keep from being annoyed and discouraged, have faith. As long as you are diligent, stick to your guns, and remind yourself you ARE valuable and you WILL find a fit, you WILL. I believe in all of us. (Except the scammers. They can all suck rotten eggs)

Your professional self

I am starting to wonder if I am wrong in believing that is a website intended to be used for professionals, skilled employable people and organizations that are interested in promoting themselves, their businesses and share in their achievements, because it seems to be devolving.

Maybe I am old-fashioned or traditional, but I cringe when I see posts such as these:


Is it really that difficult to make sure that your post makes sense? I do take into account the fact that, since LinkedIn has a world-wide reach, there are language barriers we will encounter frequently, however I feel this exceeds the limits of acceptable.

Your thoughts?